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Ernesto Verdugo

Ernesto Verdugo Middle East's #1 Internet Marketing Expert

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On my 20 Years Experience as a professional I have accomplished the following: - I've presented, trained and key noted to audiences of over 100 Nationalities in 56 different countries. This has provided me with the poise and experience to deal with almost every cultural aspect anyone can think of. - I am as comfortable presenting to small or big audiences. Being 10,000 the largest audience I've presented to - I am am the 249th Most traveled person in the world. Fluent in 3 Languages (English, Spanish, Dutch) and I have a conversational level in 3 more languages (German, Italian, French) - I got over 17 years experience in the Middle East dealing with multiple Industries on that part of the world. I am proud to be the recognized Pioneer on Internet Marketing on the area and the Co-creator of the Unlimited Power Online Event, the Most Exclusive internet Marketing Event in the World. -I got over 12 years of experience on the Airline and Hotel industry having trained over 10,000 industry leaders and employees around the world -I've been a Successful Entrepreneur for the past 12 years My Website is or simply google: Ernesto Verdugo

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Internet Marketing, Travel, Personal Development

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